When you are tired :(


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Well, in this lesson, let’s learn about expressions for when you’re tired!

Let’s get started!!!

Words when you are tired

・疲れた(つかれた) / tsukareta / I’m tired
・しんどい / shindoi / I’m exhausted
・何もしたくない(なにもしたくない) / nani mo shitakunai / I don’t want to do anything
・もう限界(もうげんかい) / mou genkai / I can’t stand anymore

Example sentence

(Meeting tsuzuki de tsukareta)
I’m tired from all the meetings today.

(Kyou wa juugo jikan mo hataraita node shindoi)
I’m exhausted because I worked 15hours today.

(Kyou wa totemo isogashikatta node ashita wa nani mo shitakunai)
Today was super busy so I don’t want to do anything tomorrow.

(Futsuka kan tetsuya shiteru node mou genkai da)
I’ve been up all night for two days, I can’t stand anymore.

When you’re tired, just take it easy and rest!

Well done again today!

See you in the next post!<3