Numbers in Japanese

Numbers are always used in everyday life, such as when ordering something at a restaurant or telling the time. I'm sure you'll use them in your daily life!

Dining Etiquette in Japan

When you eat in Japan, you may be doing something rude without knowing it. When you eat in Japan, remember the manners and enjoy!

How to say Only in Japanese

In this lesson, we'll learn some very important Japanese words that Japanese people often use, and since we'll be using them at least once a day, let's make sure we learn them!

Useful Japanese related to symptoms

I would be worried if I got sick in a strange place. Make sure you go to the hospital so you can tell them your symptoms!

How to compliment in Japanese

Everyone feels happy when they get a compliment, don't they? Let's learn how to say compliments in Japanese!

How to say very in Japanese

This time, let's learn some Japanese words you can use when you want to emphasize a word! In Japanese, there are several different ways to say " very/so much ".