How to find a room in Japan?


What is the first thing you need when you come to Japan, a place to live right?

In this article, I have summarized how to find a room in Japan.

Also, since I will be talking on the assumption that you will be living in Tokyo, the market price for rent is high.

Types of rooms

Most Japanese people live alone, and it is rare for us to share a room with friends or live in a shared house.

But recently, more and more people are living in shared houses and guesthouses.

If you are coming to Japan from abroad, it is a good idea to try living in a guesthouse.
I think it is a great way to save a lot of money and make friends quickly.

There are many guesthouses in Tokyo too.

Rent is very expensive, especially in Tokyo, so unless you have a good amount of money saved up or a job in Japan, it may be difficult to live alone.

Make sure to choose a room that fits your budget and lifestyle.

How to find a room

Japanese people mainly use the following methods to find a room.

1 Go directly to a real estate agency to look for a room
2 Search for a room on the Internet
3 Searching by directly contacting the owner of the room through SNS

The third method is the most common in other countries.
When I was living in Australia, I also used the third method to find a room.

In Japan, however, 98% of people use either method 1 or 2 to find a room.

If you walk around the streets of Tokyo, you can easily stop by a real estate agency anywhere.

Also, you can easily apply for a room online, and with online viewing, you can see almost everything on your phone without actually going to see the property.
These days, many people decide on a room with just a phone.

Rent prices in Tokyo

Rent in Tokyo is expensive.
Even for Japanese, it is expensive.

Of course, it depends on the location in Tokyo.

Tokyo is divided between 2 areas – Central 23 Districts and Outside of the 23 Districts.
The apartments with one room in Central 23 Districts cost about 60,000 yen / month ($600) to 150,000 yen / month($1500). Most of the jobs are here so lots of people live here.

I would say 75,000 yen is the average.

The rent is cheaper outside of the 23 Districts, which typically ranges from 40,000 yen / month($400) to 110,000 yen /month($1100).

Shared Houses and Guest Houses in Tokyo

There has been a recent increase in the number of guesthouses and share houses in Tokyo, and many of them attract foreigners.

If you don’t speak much Japanese or want to interact with people from various countries, this is a good place for you.

I will present ​some of them!

Guest houses

We have over 100 locations in Tokyo.
It’s also nice to have a variety of room types to choose from.

This is a wonderful guesthouse where you can experience 100% of the goodness of Japan.

The charm of this guesthouse is the books. For book lovers, this is a must.
The location is also convenient as it is in the center of the tourist area.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy staying in a slightly different space.

Share houses

If you’re looking for a share house, here are a few sites that have international share houses that are easy for foreigners to live in, so please take a look.


All sites are available in English!

Websites for finding a room to live alone

If you can afford it and want to live alone, here are some sites to look for a room.

If you don’t speak much Japanese, don’t worry, the above sites can help you in English.

Also, the following two sites are often used by Japanese local people, and they have a large number of properties, but they are in Japanese, so if you are confident in your Japanese, please check them out too!

What did you think?

Living in Japan is a dream come true, isn’t it?
I hope you all find a wonderful room.

If you ever come to Japan someday, I hope you enjoy your life here!