How to say very in Japanese


Hello everyone!

This time, let’s learn some Japanese words you can use when you want to emphasize a word!

In Japanese, there are several different ways to say ” very/so much “.

As you can see, there are 4 ways to say very.
And you can pick a word depends on your situation!

とても / totemo

とても is mostly used when talking to your boss or superiors.


(Omago-san wa totemo kawaii desune)
Your grandchildren are very cute.

*孫(まご) / mago / grandchild
(You need to put O and san as you can see in the sentence when you are talking with your boss or senior)

可愛い(かわいい) / kawaii / cute, pretty

本当に(ほんとうに) / hontouni

本当に is a useful word that can be used in any situation.
However, most native speakers cut the u in hontouni and say hontoni especialy when we talk with friends!


(Kyou wa shigoto tetsudatte kurete hontou ni arigatou)
Thank you so much for helping me with my work today.

*今日(きょう) / kyou / today

仕事(しごと) / shigoto / work, job

手伝い(てつだい) / tetsudai / help

すごい / sugoi

It’s mainly used among friends, but it’s a good enough word to use with your boss.
すごい can be used on its own, without having to be added after the word too!


(Kyou wa sugoi hada no tyoushi ga ii)
My skin feels very good today.

*肌(はだ) / hada / skin

調子(ちょうし) / choushi / condition

めっちゃ / meccha

めっちゃ is the most casual way and not rude.


(Kinou meccha nomisugi chatte futsukayoi)
I drank so much last night and I have a hangover today.

*昨日(きのう) / kinou / yesterday

二日酔い(ふつかよい) / futsukayoi / hangover

How was today’s lesson?

I hope this will help your Japanese!

See you in the next time 🙂