Japanese photo sticker called “プリクラ / Purikura”



Do you know what “プリクラ / Purikiura is?

Japanese students love these Purikura!

プリクラ = photo sticker machines

The word “プリクラ / Purikura” came from “プリント倶楽部 / Print Club”.

I’m sure there are photo booths overseas as well, but Japan’s Purikura is amazing.

First of all, they automatically apply makeup, make your face smaller, and make your legs longer!

So anyone can be cute and cool!

Even your hair will be silky smooth!!

Recently, the performance has evolved so much that it makes you look like a different person.lol

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a Purikura, so here we are!

I look like a different person lol

It’s also popular among students because it’s easy to take pictures for as low as 400-500 yen, and it’s a great way to make memories.

If you’re ever in Japan, please try taking Purikura for a memory!
It’s so much fun!!

See you in the next post!