Japanese related to sports ~part2~


Hello everyone!
It’s been a beautiful day here in Japan!

Today was the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games!
And the Blue Impulse, an acrobatic team from Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, flew over Japan!

It was really cool, so let me share it with you!

Isn’t it so cool?

Now, in the last lesson, we studied Japanese words related to sports.
This time, let’s look at some example sentences using the vocabulary we learned last time!

Here is the previous article


野球 / Baseball
A: あなたの好きなスポーツはなんですか?
(Anata no suki na sport wa nandesuka?) What is your favorite sport?
What is your favorite sport?

B: 野球が好きです。
(Watashi wa yakyuu ga suki desu)
I like baseball.

*あなた / you

好き(すき) / like

私(わたし) / I

陸上 / Athletics
A: あなたは足が速いですね!
(Anata wa ashi ga hayai desune)
You run fast!

B: 大学陸上部に所属していました。
(Daigaku no toki rikujoubu ni syozoku shiteimashita)
When I was in college, I belonged to the athletics team.

*足(あし) Ashi / legs

速い(はやい) Hayai/ fast

大学(だいがく) Daigaku / college

所属(しょぞく) Shozoku / belong to, member of

勝つ / Win
(Janken de katta ra okashi ageru!)
If you win at rock-paper-scissors, I’ll give you candy!

(Yatta! Katsuzo!)
Yes! I’m gonna win!

*じゃんけん / rock, paper, scissors game

お菓子(おかし) / snack

やったー / yay

負ける / lose
(Kono shiai ni maketara intar da)
If I lose this game, I’ll retire.

Good luck!

*試合(しあい) / shiai

引退(いんたい) / intai

Let’s learn some new words together!

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