Japanese related to sports!!


Hello everyone!
The Olympics have finally started!

I’m sad to say that even though the Olympics were held in Japan, there was no excitement at all because of COVID-19….

But anyway it’s the Olympics, let’s study some words related to sports today!

Let’s start with the different types of sports!

〈The sports are pronounced the same as English〉
・テニス / Tennis
・サッカー / Soccer
・バレーボール / Volleyball
・バドミントン / Badminton
・バスケットボール / Basketball
・サーフィン / Surfing
・ゴルフ / Golf

〈The sports that differ from the English pronunciation〉

・野球 / やきゅう / yakyuu / Baseball
・水泳 / すいえい / suiei / Swimming
・卓球 / たっきゅう / takkyuu / Table tennis
・体操 / たいそう / taisou / Gymnastics artistic
・陸上 / りくじょう / rikujou / Athletics

Next, words related to games!

勝つ / かつ / katsu / win
負ける / まける / makeru / lose
引き分け / ひきわけ / hikiwake / draw

Let’s look at some example sentences using the above words!


Japan won the baseball game against the United States.
Nihon wa America tono shiai de katta.

*試合(しあい) / game, アメリカ / United States


The tennis match between Canada and England was a draw.
Canada to Igirisu no tennis no shiai wa hikiwake datta.

*カナダ / Canada, イギリス / England(UK)


Japan always loses to Korea in vol.
Nihon wa itsumo volley ball no shiai de kankoku ni makeru.

*いつも / always, 韓国(かんこく) / Korea

If you have any questions, just leave a comment!

Let’s make the Olympics more exciting together!
See you next time!<3


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