Japanese related to Travel


Hello everyone!
I enjoy traveling, but I’m sad to say that I haven’t been able to travel at all since COVID-19.
I hope I’ll be able to travel again soon….

So this time, I’d like to study some words related to travel!
So let’s get started!

Words related to traveling

●予約する(よやくする) / Yoyaku suru / Book ~ (Reserve ~)
●荷造りする(にづくりする) / Nizukuri suru / Packing
●参加する(さんかする) / Sanka suru / Join in ~
●キャンセルする(きゃんせるする) / cancel suru / Cancel a reservation

Example sentences

(Tokyo ryokou no tame no heya wo yoyaku shita.)
I booked a room for my stay in Tokyo.

*旅行(りょこう)/ ryokou / travel, trip
部屋(へや)/ heya / room

(Ashita kara ryokou ni iku node, nizukuri wo shiteiru.)
I’m going on a trip from tomorrow, so I’m packing.

*明日(あした)/ ashita / tomorrow
行く(いく)/ iku / going, go

(Genchi no tour ni sanka shitai.)
I want to join a local tour.

*現地(げんち)/ genchi / local
ツアー(つあー)/ tour

(Taifuu ga kiteiru tame, ryokou wo cancel suru.)
I need to cancel my trip because the typhoon is coming.

*台風(たいふう)/ taifuu / typhoon

I really miss traveling… 🙁

Here are some of photos of my traveling!! Let me share it with you 🙂

in Rome
Christmas market in Germany
in Phillipines
Skydiving in Australia

Which country do you want to visit the most right now?

Let’s learn more words related to travel in the next post!
See you soon <3


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