How to say “Shy” and “Embarrassed” in Japanese?


“Shy” “Embarrassed”

Today’s Japanese word is “Embarrassed and “Shy”.


These two words have a similar meaning, don’t they?

Yes, these words have kinda similar meaning.

Japanese people are especially shy.

So these are words that comes up a lot in everyday conversation.


I’m shy too 🥺

Let’s take a look at how these two Japanese words are actually used with the help of some example sentences!

Shy 照れる

Shy / 照れる(てれる)/ tereru

And if you want to say about your personality, you say 照れ屋(てれや)tereya.

I feel shy when my boss praises me.


じょうし に ほめられると てれる

Joushi ni homerareruto tereru.

*上司(じょうし)/ Joushi = Boss

He is shy at school but he is very talkative at home.


かれ は がっこう では てれや だけど、いえ では おしゃべり だ。

Kare wa gakkou dewa tereya dakedo, ie deha oshaberi da.

* 学校(がっこう)/ Gakkou = School

* 家(いえ)/ Ie = Home, House

I’m too shy to talk in front of people.


てれて ひとまえ で はなせない。

Terete hitomae de hanasenai.

Embarrassed 恥ずかしい

Embarrassed / 恥ずかしい(はずかしい)/ hazukashii

He embarrassed me with some personal questions.


かれ に こじんてきしつもん を されて、はずかしい おもい を した。

Kare ni kojintekina shitsumon wo sarete, hazukashii omoi wo shita.

* 個人的(こじんてき)/ Kojinteki = Personal

* 質問(しつもん)/ Shitsumon = Question

I was embarrassed at being the center of attention.


ちゅうもく を あびて、はずかしかった

Chuumoku wo abite hazukashikatta.

* 注目(ちゅうもく)/ Chuumoku = Attention

I was embarrassed by my boyfriend’s behavior.


かれしこうどう に、はずかしい おもい を した。

Kareshi no koudou ni, hazukashii omoi wo shita.

* 彼氏(かれし)/ Kareshi = Boyfriend

* 行動(こうどう)/ Koudou = Behavior

How was it?

I feel that the word “恥ずかしい” contains a rather negative feeling.
On the other hand, the word “照れる” seems to be positive.

They’re both words that come up often in everyday conversation, so keep them in mind!

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