Japanese related to Travel~Part3~


Hello everyone!
We’ve continued learning Japanese related to traveling in the last two lessons!

This time, let’s study some phrases you can use when you travel!
So let’s get started!

Some useful phrases to remember

(Kono hotel wa doko desuka?)
Where is this hotel?

*ホテル(ほてる) / Hotel

(Kore wa ikura desuka?)
How much is this?

*これ / Kore / this

(Kono basho made ikitai desu)
I want to go to this place.

*場所(ばしょ) / basho / place

(Osusume no restaurant wa arimasuka?)
Can you recommend a restaurant?

*おすすめ / osusume / recommendation
レストラン(れすとらん) / restaurant

(Ryougae shite kudasai)
Please exchange some money.

両替(りょうがえ) / ryougae / money exchange

If you ever come to Japan in the future, please try to use it!
Japanese people are kind so I hope they will help you out!

Restaurants and vibrant nightlife of Dotonbori district, Osaka, Japan

That’s it for the travel lesson!
What would you like to study in the next lesson?

If you have any requests, please leave a comment!

See you soon <3