3ways to say YOU


Hello everyone!

If you watch anime or dramas, you’ll probably hear a lot of different Japanese words used to call someone.

In this lesson, let’s learn how to say “YOU” in three different ways!

So let’s get started!

あなた / Anata

君(きみ) / Kimi

お前(おまえ) / Omae

All of them are ” YOU ” in English.

However, each of them has its own caveats, which I will explain below.



A very polite expression.

In dramas, it is often used when the wife of a couple calls the husband.

But in real life, it is rarely used.

2 .君

Used only for people below you, such as subordinates.

Older people sometimes still use it, but young people these days don’t use it anymore.

3 .お前

This is a casual expression and should only be used between friends.

It can be considered rude, so be careful.


Basically, most Japanese people call others by their names.

So, when you come to Japan, it would be a good idea to ask the person’s name first and call him/her by his/her name.

Thank you again for your time today!

Look forward to my next post!