How to say how much you like


What is your favorite thing?
Let’s learn how to express ” How much you like ” in different levels!

Let’s get started!

Level 1. 好き(すき) / suki / like

(Eiga wo miru noga suki desu)
I like to watch movies.

*映画(えいが) / eiga / movie

観る(みる) / miru / watch

Level 2. 大好き(だいすき) / daisuki / like something/someone a lot

(Inu to asobu noga daisuki desu)
I like to play with my dog a lot.

*犬(いぬ) / inu / dog

遊ぶ(あそぶ) / asobu / play

Level 3. 愛してる(あいしてる) / aishiteru / love

(Kare wo aishiteru)
I love him.

*彼(かれ) / kare / he

As you can see, there are three ways to say that you love something or someone.

But Level 3, 愛してる is not often used in daily life.
Even if you do love someone, you are more likely to say 大好き.

For Japanese people, the expression “愛してる” is a bit too much.

So, what did you think of this lesson?
Try making up your own example sentences, it’ll help you remember!

See you in the next post!