How to say Goodbye in Japanese!


Hello everyone!こんにちは!

How are you doing with your Japanese studies?
I think the best way to study Japanese is to watch anime!

If you stare at textbooks all the time, you’ll get sick of it.
And I don’t want you to hate Japanese…:(

Now, let’s study the Japanese you can use when you say goodbye!
There are various expressions, not just “bye bye”!

Let’s get started!

Here are some casual expressions you can use with your friends
バイバイ / bai bai / Bye bye
じゃあね / jaane / Bye!
またね / matane / See you later!
お疲れ(おつかれ) / otsukare / Goodbye

Polite way to say goodbye to your superiors or at work
さようなら / sayounara / Good bye.
失礼します(しつれいします) / shitsureishimasu / Excuse me.
お疲れさまでした(おつかれさまでした) / otsukare samadeshita / Good bye (At work)

What do you think?
The meaning is almost the same, but you can say it in different ways to make it sound more native!
Personally, I like to say “またね”.
Because that makes me to think I can see my friends again!

What’s your favorite way to say Bye Bye?

Okay, またね!
If you have any requests, please let me know!