Numbers in Japanese


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Today we’re going to learn about counting!

Let’s get started!!

1 (Ichi)
2 (Ni)
3 (San)
4 (Yon)
5 (Go)
6 (Roku)
7 (Nana)
8 (Hachi)

9 (Kyuu)
10 (Juu)
100 (Hyaku)
1000 (Sen)
10000 (Ichi Man)


11 is 10(juu) + 1(ichi) = Juu ichi
20 is 10(juu) + 2(ni) = Ni juu

How about 53?




Yes, 50(Go juu) + 3(san) = Go juu san

It is very simple!!!

Okay then how about 4276?




4000(yon sen) + 200(ni hyaku) + 70(nana juu) + 6(roku) = Yonsen nihyaku nanajuu roku


Numbers are always used in everyday life, such as when ordering something at a restaurant or telling the time.
I’m sure you’ll use them in your daily life!

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