Do you know the word “チャラい”?


Let’s learn some Japanese slang today!

Is there anyone around you who is like this?

Someone who is always partying.
Someone who is always flirting.

Someone like that is called “チャラい”

Let’s take a look at examples!

He is handsome but he’s a player.


かれは かっこいい けど ちゃらい

Kare wa kakkoii kedo charai.

Be careful with players!


ちゃらい ひと には きをつけて!

Charai hito niwa kiwotsukete!

I used to be a player but not anymore.


むかし は ちゃらかった けど いま は ちがう。

Mukashi wa charakarra kedo ima wa chigau.

Why is it that we are attracted to チャラい人 even though we know it’s absolutely wrong?

If there is a チャラい人 around you, please be careful!