What kind of ~? What is ~ like


When you want to know something about someone, you ask a lot of questions.
Let’s study a word that comes in handy in such situations!


どんな / Donna

It is “what kind of~” or “what is ~ like?”, if you want to translate it into English

When you add “どんな” to a sentence, it means that you want to know more about it!
Let’s look at some examples to learn more!

例文(れいぶん)/ reibun / Examples

What kind of movies do you like?


どんな えいが が すき?

Donna eiga ga suki?

*映画(えいが)/ eiga / movie

What kind of music do you listen to?


どんな おんがく を きくの?

Donna ongaku wo kikuno?

*音楽(おんがく)/ ongaku / music

What was your childhood like?


どんな ようしょうじだい だった?

Donna yousyou-jidai datta?

*幼少時代(ようしょうじだい)/ yousyou-jidai / childhood

What did you learn in college?


だいがくどんな こと まなんだの?

Daigaku de donna koto manandano?

*大学(だいがく)/ daigaku / Univercity

What do you do at work?


しごとどんな こと するの?

Shigoto wa donna koto suruno?

*仕事(しごと)/ shigoto / work, job

What is Emiri’s boyfriend like?


Emiri の かれし って どんな ひと?

Emiri no kareshi tte donna hito?

彼氏(かれし) / kareshi / boyfriend

How was it?
It’s a very simple word, but it’s sure to bring you closer to people

I hope you’ll try using them~!

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