How to find a room in Japan?

The long awaited life in Japan has begun. But how to find a room in Japan? Don't worry, this article will tell you everything you need to know! Let's find a room that suits you together!

Japanese photo sticker called “プリクラ / Purikura”

There are photo booths in Japan where anyone can be cute and look like a model. Do you want to know what it is?

Japanese culture called “空気を読む”

Japan has many cultures unique to Japan. The act of reading the air is one of them. I will explain such a unique Japanese behavior in this lesson!

Throw dried beans to the demons? Japanese strange event called

There are many interesting events in Japan, and Setsubun is one of them. It doesn't make sense to throw beans at an ogre, does it? Well, in this post I'll explain about such an event

The most useful word in Japan

It's very useful to remember this one word so you can use it in any situation! Happy, sad, cute, cool...

How to make a friend in Japan?

Japanese people are shy. If you came to Japan and wanted to make friends with Japanese people, how would you do it? In this blog, I will introduce some recommended ways to make friends in Japan!