Valentine’s Day in Japan


In other countries, men give gifts and chocolates to women on Valentine’s Day.

But in Japan, Valentine’s Day is different.

Women give chocolates to men.

And not only to the men they like, but also to the male coworkers, to friends, and even to their fathers and brothers.

We have to buy a huge amount of chocolates. lol

Also, there are few types of chocolates.

Chocolates to give to friends
友チョコ(ともちょこ)/ Tomo-choco

Chocolates to give to people at work
義理チョコ(ぎりちょこ)/ Giri-choco

Chocolates to give to someone you like
本命チョコ(ほんめいちょこ)/ Honmei-choco

Also, on March 14th, White Day, men who received chocolates from women on Valentine’s Day have to return the gift to the woman.

This time, instead of chocolates, they should give some other kind of candy or gift.

I don’t know if it’s true, but there is a rumor that chocolate companies created Valentine’s Day because they wanted to sell a lot of chocolate.

If it’s true, it’s a huge success!


Someone please give me some chocolate!