We are ECY japan!

About us

Hello everyone! Welcome to our blog!
This is a memorable first post!

First of all, please allow me to briefly introduce ourselves.


Traveled to Australia for a year, then backpacked around the world for two years.
Likes: K-Pop, traveling, dogs, movies
Dislikes: roller coasters, ghosts


Studied in Canada for one year and Korea for three months.
Likes: fashion, Korean culture, travel, rice
Dislikes: birds, reptiles


Studied abroad in the Philippines for a short time. Traveled abroad and Japan as a backpacker.
Likes: BTS, delicious food
Dislikes: lightning, cockroaches

We met when we were studying abroad.
Based on our experiences, the three of us started our activities with the hope of supporting foreigners in Japan and making more people like Japan!

Currently, we mainly use social networking services to send out Japanese lessons everyday.
In the future, we hope to expand the scope of our activities and provide support to many foreigners.

In this blog, We would like to teach basic Japanese in an easy-to-understand way.
I will teach more native Japanese than what is written in textbooks.
If you have any requests, just leave them in the comments!

Also, We teach Japanese daily on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, so check those out!


Let’s have fun learning Japanese with us!
look forward to future posts!