We are Powerpuff Girls!

Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network) 1998-2005 Shown from left: Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles

It’s already November.

November = 11月(じゅういち がつ)Juuichi gatsu

This year will be over in two months. That’s too soon!

Well, how was your Halloween?
Depending on the country, some countries celebrate it in a big way, while others do not.

In Japan, we don’t celebrate it much.
We don’t hand out candy like in the US.

However, Japanese people love cosplay! That’s why they get so excited about costumes.

We also dressed up as the Powerpuff Girls!

How do you like our costumes?


My dream came true!!!

Yume ga kanatta!

We had a lot of fun!たのしかった!

Today’s post turned out to be more like a diary than a lesson. haha
It’s nice to post something like this once in a while right??

See you in the next post!