The most useful word in Japan


Today, let’s learn the most useful word in Japan!
Do you have any idea what it is?

The magic word is “やばい”

In English, I think “Oh my god” is close to it.

This word can be used in so many situations!

・かっこいい / Kakkoii / Cool
・うれしい / Ureshii / Fun or happy
・悲しい / Kanashii / Sad
・焦っているとき / Asetteiru toki / When you are panicked
・おいしい / Oishii / Delicious
・まずい / Mazui / Taste bad
・おもしろい / Omoshiroi / Funny
・感動する / Kandou suru / Impressed
・クレイジー / Crazy

The list goes on and on.

It’s such a versatile word.
Let’s take a look at how it’s actually used!

Oh my god, this puppy is so cute!!


やばい この こいぬ ちょー かわいい!

Yabai kono koinu cho kawaii!

*子犬(こいぬ)/ koinu / puppy

Oh my gosh, I overslept!



Yabai! Nebou da!

*寝坊(ねぼう)/ nabou / overplept

My neighbor is a crazy person.


わたし の りんじんやばい やつ だ

Watashi no rinjin wa yabai yatsu da

*隣人(りんじん)/ rinjin / neighbor

This movie is awesome. You should watch it.


この えいが やばいよ。みたほうが いいよ。

Kono eiga yabai yo. Mitahouga iiyo.

*映画(えいが)/ eiga / movie

This is bad. You shouldn’t drink it.


これ やばいよ。のまなほうが いいよ。

Kore yabaiyo. Nomanaihouga iiyo.

The young generation can have conversations with just this
It’s that useful and often used, so please try to use it!

See you in the next post!