Hay fever


Today, the cold winter is gradually ending and spring is almost here.


Because Japan is in the throes of hay fever this time of year!

花粉症(かふんしょう)/ Kafun-shou / Hay fever

It is a difficult season for us because so many Japanese people suffer from hay fever.
Japan has a lot of pollen.

Today let’s learn some Japanese about hay fever symptoms!


くしゃみ / Kushami / Sneezing

When sneezing, hold your mouth with a handkerchief.


くしゃみ を する とき は、はんかち で くち を おさえよう。

Kushami wo suru toki wa, hankachi de kuchi wo osaeyou.

*口(くち)/ Kuchi / Month

Stuffy nose

鼻づまり(はなづまり) / Hanazumari / Stuffy nose

I have a very stuffy nose and I can’t breathe.


はなづまり が ひどくて いき が できない

Hanazumari ga hidokute iki ga dekinai

*息(いき)/ Iki / Breathe

Runny nose

鼻水(はなみず) / Hanamizu / Runny nose

I have a runny nose.


はなみず が でる

Hanamizu ga deru

Itchy eyes

目が痒い(めがかゆい) / Me ga kayui / Itchy eyes

Even your eyes itch, don’t scratch them too much.


め が かゆくても、かきすぎちゃ だめだよ。

Me ga kayukutemo, kakisugicha dame dayo

*掻く(かく)/ Kaku / Scrach

Those are the four main symptoms!
People who have severe cases seem to cause rough skin and sore throats.
I do not have hay fever, but I really feel sorry for people with hay fever.

I know many foreigners who are fine in their own countries but develop hay fever when they come to Japan!
Please be careful! (Though there’s no way to be careful)

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