How to show your emotions in Japanese

We will learn how to show your emotions in this lesson! Let's get started!!!

Japanese gestures!

If you use the gesture, your conversation will go much smoother! Let's get started!!<3

Lesson No.5 Weather!

Let's learn some words related to Weather this time together! I hope it will be sunny tomorrow♡

Japanese related to disasters!

In this lesson, we will learn words related to disaster! If you have plan to come to Japan, you must be prepared for Earthquake...

Japanese related to sports ~part2~

Continuing from last time, let's study some Japanese words related to sports. This time we'll look at some example sentences and learn some new words together!

Japanese related to sports!!

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How to use がんばれ / がんばって

We will learn how to cheer up someone in Japanese! This word is very useful because it has many meanings! Let's get started!!!

Very important Japanese of greeting

Greeting is the most important thing to make your first impression! We will study about how to greet in Japan in this article. Let's get started!!
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