What is 成人式?


Hello everyone!

Today is a national holiday in Japan.
What are we celebrating today?

It’s a day to celebrate those who will turn 20 this year!

In Japan, there is a culture called 成人式(せいじんしき)/ Seijin-shiki

成人(せいじん)/ Seijin =Adult

式(しき)/ Shiki =Ceremony

It’s a day to celebrate people who turn 20 years old that year.

You can drink alcohol at the age of 20, and you can make various contracts without your parents’ permission at the age of 20!

The age of 20 is a big year to turn into an adult!!!

※This will change to 18 in April this year.
So from next year, it will be a milestone year for 18-year-olds to turn into adults.

However, the 成人式 will still be held in the year when they turn 20.

All the local young people who will turn 20 years old that year gather at the venue to celebrate.

Inevitably, it is an opportunity to reunite with classmates.

It’s a chance to see old friends after a long time, have a drink, and talk about various things.I remember how much fun it was to see so many old friends again at the 成人式

And for girls, this event is especially important!
Because we get to wear a kimono that can only be worn during this special event named 振袖(ふりそで)/ Furidode!

It is similar to a 浴衣(ゆかた)/ Yukata or a 着物(きもの)/ Kimono, but it has many more layers and is very heavy.

It’s a lot of work to put on, but it’s still fun and makes you feel special!

Nowadays, there are so many colorful and cute 振袖

By the way, I wore a red 振袖 for my 成人式

I wonder how many years ago that was… lol

By the way, most boys wear suits.

But there are also men who wear 袴(はかま)/ Hakama, a type of 着物 for men.

Personally, I think men wearing 袴 are very cool!

If you come to Japan every year around this time, you may see many young people wearing 振袖 or 袴 in the streets.

If you see them, say 

“成人おめでとう”(Congratulation for being an adult)

See you in the next post!