Lesson No.5 Weather!


Hello everyone!
It’s been a hot day in Japan.

Summer in Japan is getting hotter and hotter every year.
I am worried about global warming. We have to start with what we can do to protect the earth!

Well, let’s study the Japanese word for “weather” this time!
Let’s get started!

【Types of weather】
晴れ(はれ) / hare / Sunny
雨(あめ) / ame / Rain
曇り(くもり) / kumori / Cloudy
雪(ゆき) / yuki / Snow
突風(とっぷう) / toppuu / Wind gusts
雷(かみなり) / kaminari / Thunder

Now let’s look at some example sentences using the above words!

(Ashita wa hareru node picnic ni iko!)
It’s going to be sunny tomorrow, let’s go for a picnic!

*明日(あした) / ashita / tomorrow

(Kyou wa yoru kara ame ga furuyo, kasa wo motte ikina)
It’s going to rain this evening, so take an umbrella.

*今日(きょう) / kyou / today

夜(よる) / yoru / night

傘(かさ) / kasa / umbrella

(Kumori no hi wa nandaka kibun ga agaranai)
A cloudy day doesn’t make me feel good.

*気分(きぶん) / kibun / feeling

(Yuki ga futtara yukidaruma wo tsukurou!)
When it snows, let’s make a snowman!

*雪だるま(ゆきだるま) / yukidaruma / snowman

作る(つくる) / tsukuru / make

(Tonari no ie ni kaminari ga ochita)
Lightning struck my neighbor’s house.

*隣(となり) / tonari / next to ~, neighbor

家(いえ) / ie / house, home

(Toppuu ga fuite ite arukenai)
I can’t walk because of the gusty wind.

*歩く(あるく) / aruku / walk
歩けない(あるけない) / arukenai / can’t walk

What is the weather like in your country today?
I hope it’s sunny tomorrow!

See you in the next post!
Well done again today!<3


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