How to use がんばれ / がんばって


Hello everyone!
In Japan, there are many useful words that have many meanings in a single word.

Today, let’s study one of them, “がんばれ” together!

頑張れ / がんばれ / Ganbare

If you often watch anime, you may have heard this word often.
We say がんばって/Ganbatte too but both are exact same meaning.

The word “頑張れ” (頑張って)” is used in the following situations.


〈When the other person is in a difficult situation〉
Hang in there/ Hang on/ Cheer up

〈When you want to encourage or cheer up someone〉
You can do it!/ Go for it!/ Good luck!/ Wish you the best!

〈When you want to say, “Don’t give up!〉
Go Go! / Keep it up!

〈When someone is slacking off〉
Work hard


As you can see, ” 頑張れ(頑張って)” has a lot of meanings.
So, Japanese people use this word really often!

As a side note, Japanese people often say ” ファイト / Fight “ as ” 頑張れ(頑張って)” too.
In English, this word means to fight, but in Japan, it is used to cheer people on.

So, when you come to Japan and see Japanese people saying “Fight!”, please don’t think that this person wants to fight. lol

Now, if you have any questions or don’t understand something, please comment!
You did a great job studying today!

See you next time!!!<3