Can you say “This is my first time to study Japanese” in Japanese?


We all have a lot of first time experiences and grow up to be strong, don’t we?

The first time you kiss someone you love.
The first time you had a fight with your parents.
When you go on a trip for the first time.

Life is full of firsts!

Today, let’s study some Japanese words you can use when you have such a first time experience!

初めて / First time

Before we start,

First time = 初めて(はじめて)/ Hajimete

There are two deffirent ways to talk about something new.
So let’s look at them with exemples!

This is my first time to do ~

This is my first time to do ~ =~のは初めてです(のははじめてです)/ nowa hajimete desu

This is my first time to see this movie


この えいが を みるのははじめてです

Kono eiga wo mirunoha hajimete desu

*映画(えいが)/ eiga / movie

This is the first time I’ve heard that story


この はなし を きくのは はじめて

Kono hanashi wo kikunoha hajimete

*話(はなし)/ hanashi / story

This is the first time I’ve seen you since COVID-19 is over!


ころな が おわってから あうのは はじめてだね!

Corona ga owatte kara ainoha hajimete dane

For the first time

For the first time = 初めて~(はじめて~)/ Hajimete ~

I’m going to have a meeting with my boss for the first time.


はじめて じょうし と みーてぃんぐ を する。

Hajimete joushi to meeting suru.

*上司(じょうし)/ joushi / boss

I’m traveling alone for the first time.


はじめて ひとり で りょこう している。

Hajimete hitori de ryokou shiteiru

*旅行(りょこう)/ ryokou / travel

I ate Natto for the first time.


はじめて なっとうをたべた。

Hajimete Natto wo tabeta.

*納豆(なっとう)/ natto / fermented soybeans

They both mean the same thing, so use whichever way you like!

See you in the next post!