Medical Departments in Japanese!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted last time.
Today we’re going to study some very important Japanese.

It’s about the medical departments!

You’ve all been to a hospital at least once, right?

If you come to Japan and have an accident or get sick, you need to go to the hospital.

I hope this blog will be useful for you!

Also, let’s look at some example sentences and learn some Japanese words to describe symptoms too!

So let’s get started!

皮膚科 / Dermatology

皮膚科(ひふか)/ hifuka / Dermatology

From acne to burns, dermatology is a very familiar part of life.
Asians in particular go to the dermatologist even if they have just one acne!

I have a new pimple again! I’m going to go to the dermatologist tomorrow.


また あたらしい にきび が できてる!あした ひふか に いこう。

Mata Atarashi nikibi ga dekiteru! Ashita hifuka ni ikou.

*ニキビ(にきび)/ nikibi / acne

Did you get burned? You should go to a dermatologist!


やけど したの?ひふか に いきなよ!

Yakedo shitano? Hifuka ni ikinayo!

*火傷(やけど)/ yakedo / burned

眼科 / Ophthalmology

眼科(がんか)/ ganka / Ophthalmology


I had surgery for my eyes once! Have you?

I have a painful stye, I need to go to an ophthalmologist.


ものもらい が できて いたい。がんか に いかなきゃ。

Monomorai ga dekite itai, ganka ni ikanakua.

*ものもらい / monomorai / stye

I had LASIK surgery at an ophthalmologist, and my vision is good now.


がんか で れーしっく の しゅじゅつ したら、しりょく が かいふく した。

Ganka de LASIK no syujutu shitara, shiryoku ga kaifuku shita.

*手術(しゅじゅつ)/ shujutsu / surgery

*視力(しりょく)/ shiryoku / eye sight

耳鼻科 / Otolaryngology

耳鼻科(じびか) / jibika / Otolaryngology

Japan has a lot of pollen, so a lot of people visit the otolaryngology often.

My nose hasn’t stopped running since last week. I need to go to the otolaryngologist and get some medicine.


せんしゅう から はなみず が とまらない。じびか に いって くすり を もらう

Sensyu kara hanamizu ga tomaranai, jibika ni itte kusuri wo morau.

*鼻水(はなみず)/ hanamizu / running nose

*薬(くすり)/ kusuri / medicine

My nose is stuffy and I can’t breathe, I need to go to the otolaryngology.


はな が つまって いき が くるしい、じびか に いかないと。

Hana ga tsumatte iki ga kurushii, jibika ni ikanaito.

*鼻がつまる(はながつまる)/ hana ga tsumaru / stuffy nose

外科 / Surgery

外科(げか) / geka / Surgery

If you play sports, you will surely go there at least once.
And If you get injured, never try to fix it yourself, go to the surgeon!

I was playing basketball yesterday and sprained my foot, I’m going to see the surgeon.


きのう ばすけ していたら あし を ねんざ したんだ、げか で みてもらうよ。

Kinou Baske shiteitara, ashi wo nenza shitanda. Geka de mitemorauyo.

*捻挫(ねんざ)/ nenza / sprain

 The surgeon told me that I shouldn’t exercise for another three months.


げか の せんせい に、あと さんかげつ は うんどう しちゃ いけないって いわれた。

Geka no sensei ni ato sankagetsu wa undou schaikenai tte iwareta.

内科 / Internal Medicine

内科(ないか)/ naika / Internal Medicine

This is the department I go to when I have a cold.
People might use it the most.

I feel like I have a fever, I go to see the internist.


ねつ が あるみたいだ、ないか で みてもらう。

Netsu ga arumitaida, naika de mitemorau.

*熱(ねつ) / netsu / fever

I took the medicine the internist gave me, and my cough stopped.


ないか で もらった くすり を のんだら、せき が とまった。

Naika de moratta kusuri wo nondara, seki ga tomatta.

*咳(せき) / seki / cough

産婦人科 / Obstetrics and Gynecology

産婦人科(さんふじんか)/ sanfujinka / Obstetrics and Gynecology

Men may not be familiar with obstetrics and gynecology, but we women often go there.
We also go there when we have a baby.

I went to the Obstetrics and Gynecology and was told that I was pregnant.


さんふじんか に いったら、にんしん している と いわれた。

Sanfujinka ni ittara, ninshin shiteiru to iwareta.

*妊娠(にんしん)/ ninshin / pregnant

I’m not getting my period, so I have to go to the Obstetrics and Gynecology.


せいり が こない ので さんふじんか に いかないとだ。

Seiri ga knai node sanfujinka ni ikanaito da.

*生理(せいり)/ seiri / period

How did it go?

Of course, it’s best to live a life where you don’t have to go to the hospital, but getting sick can happen to anyone.

When that happens, don’t panic and choose the right department depending on each symptom.

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