Throw dried beans to the demons? Japanese strange event called



In Japan, there is an event called “節分 / Setsubun” on February 3rd.

This is an event that is held so that everyone can live a happy and healthy life!
It is held every year on February 3rd.

What do we do in this event?

First, there are 鬼(おに)/ demons.

In most cases, the father plays the role of the

Then, you throw soybeans at the demon.

By doing this, it is meant to drive out the bad luck and invite only the good luck into the house.

鬼 = bad luck

There is a line to say when throwing the beans.

鬼は外、福は内(おには そと、ふくは うち)

Demons out! Fortunes in! 

After the beans are thrown, we need to pick these up and eat only the numbers of your age.
If you are 15 years old, you eat 15 beans, if you are 75 years old, you eat 75 beans.

And you will have a healthy life that year!!

It’s a bit of a strange event, isn’t it?
But it’s fun because it’s the only day of the year when we throw beans in our

We need to clean up the floor after the event though.

Also, on February 3rd, we eat a long sushi called 恵方巻き えほうまき/ Eho-maki.

恵方巻き usually have seven ingredients such as cucumber, sweet omelet, shiitake mushroom and eel after the Seven Deities of Good Luck.

There are some rules when eating 恵方巻き

1. Never cut it

It’s about 10 centimeters long, but you can’t cut it, and you have to eat the whole thing without taking a break.

2. Don’t talk while eating

Do not talk while eating 恵方巻き, even if you are eating with family or friends. Do not say a single word until you have finished eating.

3. Eat facing a certain direction

Each year, there is a different direction for good luck. And you should eat your 恵方巻き while facing that direction.

That’s all.

Another strange culture, isn’t it?

By the way, you can easily find 恵方巻き at convenience stores and supermarkets during the 節分 season, so don’t worry.

I hope this year will be a healthy and happy one for everyone!!

We posted about 節分 on our Youtube channel too so please check it out!
It was fun!

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