How to say annoying in Japanese?


Today I’m going to teach you some of the most common negative words Japanese people use!

うざい / Uzai / Annoying

This word can be used when someone does something that you don’t like, or when someone is pestering you.

うざい is a short word with only three letters, but it can also be shortened to うざ.

Let’s take a look at an actual example.

My ex-boyfriend keeps contacting me, and it’s really annoying.


もとかれ が しつこく れんらく してきて、ほんとうに うざい

Motokare ga shitsukoku renraku shitekite hontou ni uzai.

*元彼(もとかれ) / Motokare / ex boyfriend
*連絡(れんらく) / Renraku / contact

My friend lied to me, she’s really annoying.


ともだち に うそ をつかれた、かのじょは ほんとう に うざい。

Tomodachi ni uso wo tsukareta, kanojo wa hontou ni uzai.

*嘘(うそ)/ Uso / lie

Can you please stop that music, it’s annoying.


その おんがく うざい から とめてくれる?

Sono ongaku uzai kara tomete kureru?

*音楽(おんがく) / Ongaku / music

This is a very casual phrase and should not be used in business situations!

Let’s use lots of slang and speak Japanese like a native!

See you in the next post!